medical billing software

Porteck Accounts Receivable & Billing Collections System

Uniquely built by Porteck, the Porteck Accounts Receivable & Billing Collections System (PARCS) is an enterprise engine that enables the complete processing of claims and offers a wide-range of reporting services. 

Highly automated, PARCS accelerates billing and claims processing through intelligent integration of claim data. PARCS decision support and reporting enable a practice to view the appropriate information in "real-time," resulting in effective decision making and improved management of the revenue cycle process.

patient insurance verification

Insurance Authorization/Pre-Authorization & Eligibility Verification

MDInsuranceAuth has developed a much needed service for insurance authorization requests. Our web based service allows Providers to sign up online and submit requests for all insurance carriers. In addition our system assists your administrative staff by verifying all scheduled patients have provided accurate and active insurance information. All scheduled patients have coverage for the service being provided. Porteck resources will access Provider terminal servers or generate a common Website that to access shared workspaces, information stores and documents.

Medical transcription software

Porteck Transcription Management Software

PTRANS manages transcription for the providers. The providers can dictate reports and the dictated reports are then routed for transcription. The reports are distributed back to the providers and referring doctors.

Batch management system

Porteck Scanning & Batch Management System

PSCAN enables scanning of all patient documents and the EOBs to effectively manage the revenue cycle services. The Batch Management System enables routing and completion of the billing and denial effort and links the scanned batches to the billing and the denial/follow-up transactions.

EMR Rich Media software

Rich Media Portal (RMP) Software

The RMP is the world’s first SharePoint Portal for rich media management, enabling companies to easily manage, search and distribute their rich media files. By integrating the security and collaboration features of a Portal with the rich media management features of a Digital Asset Management system, the RMP utilizes existing tools and storage formats to automate media management and workflow, resulting in increased efficiencies. Built on top of Microsoft's SharePoint, the RMP can also integrate with many industry leading third party software systems. RMP’s unique offering creates a compelling value proposition for companies that desire to leverage digital asset management with Portal features.

Software solutions for the healthcare industry

Porteck Solutions for Provider Networks (PSPN)

PSPN manages the Radiology network, contract and fee schedules. It facilitates the scheduling and billing of the referred patients for the case managers. The re-pricing engine re-prices the claims according to the contracts and the cost containment model.

EHR EMR Software


Certified by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, HDOCS is a dynamic medical software company offering hospitals, health organizations, and physician practices electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) solutions. This system offers unique, sophisticated and easy-to-use solution that simplifies practice management, including clinical, administrative and financial information processing.