Eligibility & Benefit Verification

medical insurance eligibility

Easy, Efficient & Cost Effective

Are you or your staff tired of waiting on the phone or jumping from website to website to verify patients’ insurance eligibility? Being able to verify a patient’s eligibility and benefits information in a timely manner is critical. To do this consistently, you need support that is easy, efficient and cost effective. MDEligibility simplifies this process for you.

insurance benefit verification

Get Complete Information From One Source

Porteck’s insurance eligibility and benefits verification service obtains all pertinent information required – not only coverage confirmation, but what kind of coverage the patient has, what their deductible is, and how much has been applied. Having all necessary information generates more revenue and reduces administrative costs.

 revenue cycle management

Simplified Eligibility Verification Process

MDEligibility increases office efficiency and staff production by eliminating hours on the phone or using multiple websites to obtain eligibility information. Further, it reduces the number of claim delays and denials by receiving timely coverage response.